Lecture-Prof. Neil Sinhababu



時間:  星期三, 五月 4, 2016 (全日)

地點:  文學院509研討室

主講人:  Prof. Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore)

講題:  Nietzschean Pragmatism

大綱:Nietzsche holds that one should believe what best promotes life, and also accepts the 
correspondence theory of truth. I call this conjunction of views Nietzschean pragmatism.
Nietzsche's expression of this view in Beyond Good and Evil distinguishes it from 
William James' pragmatism about truth. His skepticism about values that can't be 
grounded in individual passion attracted him to this kind of pragmatism. I explore 
how he applies Nietzschean pragmatism to the study of history in the second essay 
of the Untimely Meditations.