Lecture-Prof. Robert Goldblatt


10月19日Prof. Robert Goldblatt 學術演講公告如下--

講者:Prof. Robert Goldblatt 
(School of Mathematics and Statistics, Centre for Logic, Language, and Computation, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
講題:Modelling Equivalent Beliefs in Dynamics Doxastic Logic
時間:2016/10/19 (Wednesday) 15:10
The language of dynamic doxastic logic has modal connectives that express reasoning about the effects of belief revisions. We enrich that language with formulas that express the doxastic equivalence of pairs of propositions, meaning that revision of an anger’s beliefs to adopt either proposition of a pair has the same effect on the agent’s belief state. We provide this language with a structural semantics in which propositions are sets of possible worlds about which an agent may hold certain beliefs, and the agent’s disposition to respond to new information is modeled by functions that assign to each proposition P a ‘theory’ representing the set of propositions that the agent comes to believe after revising their beliefs to include P. A proof system will be described that is sound and complete for this semantics.


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