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CCU Philosophy

Department of Philosophy of National Chung Cheng University

The Department of Philosophy of National Chung Cheng University started out as a master program in philosophy, which was established in 1993. It was not until 1998 that we evolved into a philosophy department proper. We kick-started a Ph.D. program in 2002. The purpose is to promote research in fundamental and inter-disciplinary areas, to cultivate professional philosophers systematically and effectively, and to redress the imbalance in the distribution of academic resources between the northern and the southern parts of Taiwan.

Our department prides itself on maintaining professionalism in pursuing our research, and is the first philosophy department in Taiwan to establish research teams according to faculty members’ expertise. The faculty members are divided into three major research groups: (1) Metaphysics and Epistemology (2) Moral, Legal and Political Philosophy (3) Logic and Philosophy of Science. In terms of our curriculum, we are also the first in Taiwan to divide it into modules. They include: (1) Metaphysics (2) Epistemology (3) Moral, Legal and Political Philosophy (4) Philosophy of Mind and Language (5) History and Philosophy of Science (6) Mathematical and Philosophical Logic. The design of our curriculum is comprehensive, classified according to major philosophical research areas. We believe that this will substantially contribute to the cultivation of professional philosophers.

In terms of career, our graduates have a variety of choices. They can pursue higher research degrees in philosophy in local or overseas universities. They are also well-equipped to pursue further studies in education, psychology, laws, arts, and so on. We believe that based on the rigorous philosophical training they receive in our department, they can even do a very good job in non-academic lines of work such as government officials, school teachers, or business managers, etc.

Department of Philosophy

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