Lecture-A.P. Rong-Lin Wang

  • 2016-12-13
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Dear all,

Speaker:Rong-Lin Wang

Title:Must autonomy be presupposed in practical reasoning? Korsgaard vs. Darwall

Time:2016/12/21 (Wednesday) 15:10

Location:Humanity R412

abstract:​ According to a long-standing Kantian tradition, a rational will cannot act except under the Idea of freedom. Kantians like Korsgaard thus endorse the claim that autonomy must be presupposed in practical deliberation. Against this claim Darwall argues that although negative and positive freedom is a necessary presupposition for practical reasoning, the same cannot be said of autonomy. It is only in second-personal address that autonomy (the second-personal competence) must be presupposed. In this paper, I critically examine Darwall’s arguments and show how, as Korsgaard suggests, a deliberating agent unavoidably has a second person within.