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Curriculum planning: Total credits required for graduation: 128, including 28 credits in General Education courses, 21 credits in required courses, 24 credits in elective courses chosen from those offered in the department, and 45 credits chosen from those offered outside the department.




A major in philosophy requires at least 55 semester hours of coursework in philosophy including:


(1) Background courses: Introduction to Philosophy(I) (2 credits), Introduction to Philosophy (II) (2 credits), Logic (I) (2 credits), Logic (II) (2 credits), History of Philosophy (I) (2 credits), History of Philosophy (II) (2 credits), Metaphysics (3 credits), Epistemology (3 credits), Ethics (3 credits). Students must take all these courses.

(2) Courses in classic philosophers: Students majoring in philosophy are also required to take at least 6 semester hours of credit in classic philosophers such as Kant, Hegel, Hume, Quine, etc.

(3) Specialized philosophical courses: 28 credits at least

To complete the degree, a philosophy-major student must further choose at least one course from each of the following three specialized areas:

a. Philosophy of Mind and/or Philosophy of Language

b. Political Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics

c. Philosophy of Science and/or Scientific Reasoning and/or Metalogic.


Courses taken outside the department or transferred credits must receive departmental approval. Students with double majors must fulfill the same requirements as those majoring only in philosophy.



In order to achieve a minor in philosophy, a student must complete a minimum of 21 semester hours in philosophy courses. The office of the department can provide more information on choosing courses.